I’ve always wanted to dance

To be fluid. That’s what you unknowingly taught me. To be fluid as I dance my way through life, and also steadfast in a society that tells us what to do, who to be, who to love.

But I did not arrive at the dance not knowing any steps. The desire to dance has been with me since I was 9, as I marveled at the girl in the mirror–pink ballet slippers and yellow skirt, trying to capture grace in pointed toes and sloping arms, wondering if I’d get the chance to dance someday. I’ve always wanted to dance, I just didn’t know who to dance with.

And over time, I learned that the power to choose who you want to dance with for the rest of your days is no trifling matter.

Maybe my soul already chose you when I was 10, or in previous lifetimes still hazy in my mind’s eye, but over and over again.

Like a Moth to a Flame

Thrust into the limelight with my words,
I didn’t ask for that
but it gave me you.
No denying it drew us to each other–
like a moth to a flame
And here’s the truth:
No matter what happens,
I can only be grateful
for it has shown me how much
I am capable of loving
not just anyone,
but someone worth my poetry.

Faith and Stardust

F A I T H is trusting in something or someone without tangible proof that the trust you are giving will pay off. You just know and believe that it feels right to invest your trust even when everyone else around you disagrees and tells you it’s only an illusion, that it’s a crazy childhood fantasy and not worth giving your heart to.

But your soul would never let you rest. The more your heart yearns for it, the more you are emboldened to fight for it. And you are never alone. The Universe / God is cheering you on, showing you the way if you listen to the yearning, believe in the signs, and follow the compass within.

I have never known this kind of faith until I saw you again. Out of all the things you unraveled from me, faith in this love is the best discovery. It has reminded me who I am, what I am made of–stardust, the Universe and infinite possibilities, light. We’re mirrors of the love we have in each other.

And it’s something I continue to treasure and fight for every day. 🌟

Bar None

I took a chance,
and you replied

I flipped,
a switch turned on

I’m a light,
and everything’s clear
I’m a radio,
and our song is playing

Oh hello
where have you been all along?

I’ve tapped a well of hidden desires
and words are gushing forth
I won’t go where the flow takes me,
I’ll do better–
Be the flow and let the magic happen

Trust in the Universe again
Worth the wait for you and me

Because our love makes me want to
reach for the stars.

Original: Oct. 3, 2018
Edited: Feb. 23, 2020


The night is the sea and our love is a ship,
I am not afraid of the darkness
Because you are with me and I am with you, always.
Fear is an illusion, separation a necessity
For the growth of souls trying to remember–
What we came back here for,
Every lesson we’re here to learn
To bring us a step closer to union within
and each other.
Nothing has ever been more real except–
This cord that binds us,
And we would die with the truth that we are each other’s home.

You are with me, and I am with you


Photo credit: Nick Fewings | Unsplash

Trust is a delicate dance, redux

One day, someone sparked a light within you by simply being there. With a look and an embrace you never saw coming, time stopped for you both–everyone and everything else forgotten in the half-minute it took to let go and get your feet back on the ground again. At that moment, you just knew you will never be the same person you were moments before impact. You would give your trust-wrapped heart on a silver platter and hope it will be enough.

Trust is such a fragile thing. I know now why I bother. Why I put my heart out on the line even when the probability of hurt is non-negotiable. Because I have decided to be true to myself, to submit to the ebb and flow of life and trust that wherever it will lead me, I will be okay. Because the only way to live fully is to love unconditionally–yourself and another. This love means taking the risk to open yourself up to immense joy and equally immense suffering. But if you take that risk, it also means taking the opportunity to grow and learn how to be true and vulnerable with someone. You’ll venture from the safety of the shore–finally, and embark on an exciting, extraordinary journey to find out how deep you can go together. You’ll find out there are no limits to how high you can soar.

And now you understand better. You know that timing is everything, despite reading the opposite. Love and trust require time to grow, and if you tend to it just right, give it all the space it needs while learning to let go of all expectations, you will be rewarded. Even in separation. It will be the pièce de résistance in your life’s garden.

Trust is a delicate dance between two souls who finally decide to love despite all odds. 💗