Evolution comes in waves

The gentle strumming of your guitar
is killing me
killing me
killing me.
And I am forever lost in waves that buoy me
up and down
up and down
up and down
Until the sun peaks on the horizon
and I can finally…
catch my breath.

C. 2008

*Inspired by that phase in my life (twenties) when I was so fascinated with erotic literature and Romantic poetry. This poem is part of my first poetry series, Poems to Eros. I have 30 poems in that suite. Written intermittently through the years fresh out of college (2006-2012). A time of getting out into the world, meeting new people and being seen by someone other than your school friends. It was definitely not a boring time for me at all. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

But as I lost my grasp of those years now and learned all the lessons I needed from them, my writing also grew. There was a time I thought I would continue writing and adding to Poems to Eros until I grew into my ’40s (maybe even beyond), but what a relief it is to discover that I outgrew that already and it’s okay. That it’s okay to let go of something you once were passionately entangled with literary-wise and in life, and allow the currents to guide you to more substance and depth, even maturity and groundedness. That it’s all a part of your constant evolution and unfolding. πŸ’—

Image credit: Brett Meliti @ Unsplash

Love Wins

When all is said and done,
Love still wins.
Love always wins.

When you trust in the Divine and let love rule your entire being,
infinite possibilities open up for you.
There is no room for fear, doubt, and negativity.
Mistakes are simply lessons learned.

Remember this: There is nothing in this world that can break you to the core.
You are the co-creator of abundance and blessings in your life.
You forge your own fate, you make your own way.
You shine with all the love and light in you, and you will soar.

Photo by: Lea Vergara Apilado (Roses from St. Thérèse, 2019) 🌹🌹

My Sacred House

MY SACRED HOUSE: A love letter to surrendering to my own unfolding, to coming back to myself. I am my own home, a sacred house. It is time I honor the light in me. And I can only do that by burning everything that isn’t good for me, everything that is holding me back. I must burn for the divine in me, and tend to my hearth every day. That is the only way to keep my light shining.

And now, paths and connections that nourish my light and make it sparkle all the more–they all find their way to me in their own sweet time. And so it is. πŸ”₯πŸ’–βœ¨

My body, my temple
my sacred house
I am its Vestal Virgin
tending fires, making offerings,
cleaning its nooks and crannies.
I care for its health,
for its happiness, for its safety,
to never take it for granted,
nor miss a day at its hearth.
Only the worthy enter the temple
but sometimes I forget,
the Virgin is human after all.
Fires are unlit, the hearth left cold,
cobwebs grow, dust bunnies roam,
I invite Tempest and lie with him
in my sacred house.

I saw a snail’s shell, hollow and empty,
and took it–
it broke into pieces when dropped.
I would not let my house crumble so,
like brittle pages from ancient books
too fragile to touch and read
they had to be kept under lock and key.
So I draw the curtains one by one,
open windows every day,
light humble fires whenever I can,
sweep away the dust and the cobwebs
as if my life depended on it.
Go back to the good and the worthy,
slowly but surely,
to spending time tending the hearth.

This is my body, my temple
My sacred house
And I am its Vestal Virgin.

Originally written: 12 June 2016
*My original poem featured and published in VerbalArt: A Global Journal Devoted to Poets and Poetry (2019) ~
Photo by: Lea Vergara Apilado


You deserve someone who holds your love with reverence and respect. Someone who will never betray your confidence.

You deserve someone who has the courage to face their own truths. Someone who makes their own decisions without giving their power away.

You deserve someone brave enough to step up for their love. Someone who sees your worth, that they will fight to meet you as an equal.

Remember: You have always known you are capable of great love. You don’t deserve anyone or anything less. 🌟

Image credit: Alexander Andrews @ Unsplash

I am the Universe

I am power, I am magic
I am light and love and passion
I am beauty, joy, and bliss
I am fathomless as the sea, infinite as the stars
I am one with the Universe in me.

I can handle anything that comes my way
I dance through life unencumbered by anyone
Fear doesn’t rule me
Expectations do not have a hold on me
My love has the power to light the way
I am free to be who I want to be.

I have no regrets, I have nothing to hide
I speak my truths, I live in my authenticity
I have lioness courage in me
I love with a pure and brave heart
I dance to the beat of the Universe and my own drum.

Image credit: Greg Rakozy @ Unsplash