Poetry is for you


Poems are made for outsiders,

foreigners in their own skin

looking for a home

strangers from the outside

looking in.

Poems are for the heartbroken,

drunk on love

full of longing

the disappointed, those still

waiting for their time.

Poems are for dreamers,

digging for jewels within

travelers to their inner worlds,

chasers of the light

writing their way to clarity.


A love note to myself


We’re a pathetic lot most of the time, running around like headless chickens and lost puppies, sniffing for love in all the wrong places when it’s been here with us all along.

Love is inside your world-weary and caffeine-battered soul.

Love is that tiny surviving spark at the corner of your cold heart.

Love is that niggling voice at the back of your head that tells you not to lose hope.

Love is that child in you who wants to ride the Ferris wheel all over again, get lost in a foreign land, and find her way back home.