Love Makes You Stronger

Love makes you happy and love also brings you pain

But through everything, love only makes you stronger.

I keep you with me in a safe corner of my heart

Where everything is pure and innocent and sacred

A place where no one else can get to and break us

Always. That’s what matters for now.

That is my truth and something you need to know for sure.

I may never wrap myself around what it is about you

that keeps pulling me in

I just know a thread is there connecting us and it’s real.

We will be together

If not in this lifetime, then maybe in the next, or the one after that

but not until we’ve learned the lessons we need to learn,

not until our karma is complete.

And if one day I meet someone else who loves me

who I will fall in love with,

I will not waste my youth and my years waiting for you.

Because I deserve love and respect, loyalty and devotion,

happiness and intimacy

An equal partnership, a true marriage of souls.

And if I find all these things and more in someone else’s arms,

I will not hesitate.

Because life is meant to be lived in love and light

And if I’m ready for that but you aren’t,

I will choose the light over you.

Even if it hurts for a while

I will never deny you freedom, because love doesn’t hold you hostage

and keep you bound together in an endless trinity

of fear, indecision, and stagnation.

You break the chain if it doesn’t serve your highest good,

if it keeps you from living out your best life.

You walk away from the shadows and back into the light

Love always gives you the power to choose destinations.

You have been my secret joy and sadness

The unexpected what-if of my life.

But you are also my most important lesson:

Love only makes you stronger.


P.S. I think I understand it better now, what Meryl Streep said on her Golden Globes Lifetime Achievement Award speech: “Take your broken heart and make it into art.”

I have taken the lessons I’ve learned both inspiring and painful, and woven them into art I am proud of. My life revolves around creating and making sense of life through words. Giving myself over to creating with honesty and vulnerability is also slowly peeling away my layers and showing the best bits of me that were hidden before. You can’t go out into the light without braving the darkness first. ☀️


Image credit: Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash



I live with a purpose day by day

And strive to do things my own way

Things don’t always go as planned

But I still have ideals so grand

I wrap all my hopes up in strengthening myself

I don’t want to end up stuck on a shelf

I surround myself with people I love

In my heart you’re one of the above

We still have miles to go

I am not afraid to admit so

But when you’re weary from it all,

I’ll be your secret oasis, don’t you dare fall

Please believe that everything will be

Only more beautiful than we imagined it to be

Not as silly and fleeting as what we’ve read and seen

But deep and enduring like how we’ve always been

Bar None

I took a chance 

and you replied 


I flipped, 

a switch turned on 


I’m a light

and everything’s clear 

I’m a radio 

and our song is playing 

“How sweet it is to be loved by you” 


Oh hello 

Where have you been all along? 


I’ve tapped a well of hidden desires 

and words are gushing forth 

I will go where the flow takes me 


Trust in the Universe again 

Worth the wait for you and me 


Because our love makes me want to 

reach for the stars 


Image credit: Josh Boot on Unsplash

I Am Sure

If I meet you someday, I would know that it’s you.

My skin would hum and murmur and sing so sweetly,

I’d have no need for warning bells to tell me–I’ve landed a prize.

Trust would come intuitively; blooming naturally

Our eyes speaking for everything words could never convey.

I’d recognize the butterfly in you, and the caterpillar from whence you came

I’d only be proud of the courage it took for you to break through your shell.

And I am sure

The moment you tell me that, I’m not cliche perfect

But you don’t mind because everything about me you find beautiful

Down to the itty bitty capricious details–

That you love the girl and woman and goddess in me.


Image credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Honey, you’re familiar

They call me tomato

as I feel the flush blooming


Curse this onion skin



A cup of warm Spanish chocolate

thick on the tongue,

velvet smoothing down.

Double entendres

Laughing at my open innocence

Daylight imaginings.


Red as a tomato

Crimson as a rose

Can’t help it

I wear my feelings out on skin. 


Image credit: Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Stellar Dreams

There is a secret drawer that rattles, restless and fitful

If I open it just a crack, dreams within might simply vanish into thin air.

I can see everything with the inward eye–

how you held me with a longing and gentleness

no one else has done before or since

Warm and steady as I’ll always remember it.

The violent shakings are a nuisance

But that moment is still as vivid and dear to me.

Would that everything fall into place and we are free–

to roam every chamber, every nook and cranny of our dreams.

Where kisses turn into bliss

and whispers weave poetry

We feed on them and have our fill

All the eventide until the sun peaks

And even then I’ll be your Star, your ethereal light

The constant in your chaotic life.


Image credit: Aperture Vintage on Unsplash

The Star

I am a brilliant Star

Who watches you from afar.

My light will be your guide,

Your hope in darkest nights

Your glimpse of the eternal

And cause for continued fight.

My light is my caress

That soothes your fears away

Every last one of them,

Until only we remain.

Such a love like this is blessed,

Such a love like this is envied;

Tossed about by the Fates,

And put to the test by Forces

Even by ourselves;

We hold on–

You to my light and I

To your words

And we,


To be blessed


With love and life


While living my days

A constant celestial being

I remain–

Ever pure and brilliant

Until the Time comes

When you pluck me from the Heavens

And we,

Love as equals.


Image credit: Aziz Acharki on Unsplash